About Me

For many years childbirth fascinated me and the vocation to become a midwife came when I was expecting my first daughter in 1997. It is only after the birth of my second daughter that I decided to train as a midwife in 2003 and I studied at Hatfield University, England. I discovered with a passion all the obstetric mechanisms of childbirth but more importantly the great life event that having a baby is for a woman and her family. I developed lots of knowledge and skills about childbirth as well as support, empathy, advocacy, respect, differences, trust, and humanity.

I worked in the Lister Maternity Unit, in Stevenage Herts, both in the unit and as a community midwife. In 2008, I decided to move back to France with my family as I wanted to work more independently and share and implement more of a midwifery-model-of-care than what was offered at the time to french women. I set up a commissioned independent practice in the south of Bordeaux and also taught English and communication to student midwives at the Midwifery School of Bordeaux.

Because the sphere of practise for midwives in France is different, I had to learn additional midwifery skills: prescription skills, Pelvic Floor Muscle Assessment and Training, Gynaecological follow-up care for healthy women (breast examination, smear test, contraception, contraceptive device insertion/ablation) and other activities I enjoyed like aqua-natal and baby massage.

Our family came back to England in 2015 and I have been living in Royston since.

I feel privileged to be able to offer private midwifery services in and around Royston with continuity of care. My input in women maternity care goes from full care to one-off appointments as well as shared care with NHS services.

I believe that no parent should feel unsupported.