Private midwife covering Hertfordshire, Cambridge and surrounding areas

I am moving out of the area and so will no longer be working here after June, 2021.

If you are looking for continuity of care, personalised care where you are able to make informed choices, and invaluable support from a midwife, please contact Private Midwives.

I hope you will find all the information you need but don’t hesitate to send a message, a text or give me a call to discuss any personal situation. Although we live in sophisticated times with great technology there is nothing better than speaking directly and I am a great believer in interpersonal communication and meeting people!

Please feel free to browse the site and get excited about finding out what support you can get from a private midwife!

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Cecile Davidson
Registered Midwife
Why choose a Private Midwife?

Extra Care alongside the NHS

A private midwife can offer you extra care alongside your NHS care if you feel like the services are overstretched. This can be in the form of individual antenatal classes, one-off consultation to discuss a care-related personal matter, a postnatal home visit, etc.

Additional Services

Many private midwives develop additional skills and propose complementary services for pregnant women which they think can increase women wellbeing and therefore the likelihood of a more positive experience of motherhood. Check my services for what I have to offer

Personalised Care

A private midwife has no time constraints therefore when you meet her there is no rush and you can spend the time needed to discuss your care, how you are coping, ask questions etc. A private midwife will give you evidence-based information to help you make an informed choice for your pregnancy and your baby. She will support your choices and act as your advocate with other health professionals

Continuity of Care

A private midwife will provide you with continuity of care. You can develop a trusting relationship during pregnancy. You will feel more reassured with a midwife you know and who knows you during the birth of your baby. In the postnatal period, you will feel that you can ask for help and advice when you need to.


Midwifery Care

Care at home during pregnancy and after the birth. Care during the birth of your baby at home or in the hospital/birth centre or continuous support in hospital/birth centre. Antenatal classes, personalised breastfeeding package. Continuity of care.


Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

Supervised exercises in the postnatal period (after 6 weeks) to regain control and strength, and prevent incontinence.


Massage / Aromatherapy

Pregnancy massage and postnatal massage with the option of using Aromatherapy.