Image by Toa Heftiba

Pregnancy Massage

Regular Massage in Pregnancy helps to maintain a good physical and mental health and therefore provides the baby with a peaceful "environment" to grow and develop in.

Benefits to Massage in pregnancy and labour are numerous :

  • encourages physical and mental relaxation

  • enhances mood

  • reduces stress and anxiety, reduces cortisol

  • encourages oxytocin release

  • release endorphins and encephalins

  • aids rest and sleep

  • releases muscle tension

  • encourages lymphatic drainage

  • encourages circulation

  • improves placental nutrition

  • facilitates elimination of waste

  • stimulates peristalsis

  • analgesic

  • encourages maternal/baby relationship

Massage is also very beneficial in the post-natal period as a "me-time" for new mums. It naturally helps the body to get back to a non pregnancy state and it helps to release muscle tension caused by repetitive new postures when looking after and breastfeeding a baby.

Massage takes place in your home where I will bring and set up my massage table (You will need a couple of pillows and 2 big towels).



Aromatherapy is one of the many complementary therapies that can be recommended in pregnancy, labour and post-natal period as long as it is safely used by trained professionals. I have had the chance to be trained by Denise Tiran who is an international reference in the field of midwifery complementary medicine with over 30 years experience.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils blended in a carrier oil. Essential oils have got many healing properties and, as they are extremely concentrated, only a few drops are required. Together, aromatherapy and massage will enhance health and wellbeing.

I pay close attention to the quality of essential oils I use as well as their therapeutic effects and their safety for each client. I don't use pre-made blends but instead, I choose the most appropriate oils with my client to provide a personalised and holistic treatment.

It is very important that the final blend has a lovely smell !